"Without His help man and woman cannot achieve the union of their lives for which God created them in the beginning."

CCC #1608


What is a  marriage intensive? 

Sometimes in marriage you may feel as if you lost your way and cannot seem to find resolution to your problems.  You feel that you need clarity and guidance to help you get back on track.  Our marriage intensives are designed to do just that – get you back to where God wants you to be.  Over a 3 days period we will spend group and individual time with you giving you the knowledge and tools to redeem or strengthen your marriage.  More importantly, these are tools you will have to keep your marriage alive and well, till death do you part.

The Experience

Nestled in a quiet place outside of downtown Bandera, is a sanctuary waiting for you to encounter a redemption in your marriage but learning Christ-centered principles for you to tap into the grace of your Sacrament.

The Process

We will take you through a process of spiritually cleansing your souls and the heart of your marriage and preparing it for the grace needed to build and maintain a Strong Catholic Marriage. 

Not in Trouble? 

Many believe that marriage intensives are for troubled marriages.  However, we conduct marriage intensives to make good marriages better.  Everyone should take time out to focus on their marriage.  Sort of a “continuing education” for your marriage, to keep it healthy and strong.  Gain the tools to keep your marriage in a good place and to fortify it from the attacks of the world.



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